Fast Start Program for MTTB

Creating Connections While Helping People Succeed In Their Own Business

DELIVERED BY A.L.J Marketing LLC and MOBE Ltd.

Fast Start Program for MTTB by my mentor friend and business partner, Matt Lloyd and the MOBE marketing production team.

John Raspa

John is a Senior Information Technology professional with over two decades of technical and management experience. Currently working as a Senior Consultant with fortune 100 clients, he helps them implement technology throughout their organizations. John is also the CEO and Founder of One Team, LLC an innovative internet marketing firm focused on helping their clients succeed online. The company has multiple active revenue streams in the follow areas: Traffic Generation & Delivery, Product Development & Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Custom Funnels & Web Design, Coaching & Education and they have several Joint Ventures that work with Physical Products being sold online.

John is currently at the Platinum level in MOBE with enough success to be driving a Mercedes-Benz paid for by Matt Lloyd. Almost everyone out there is looking to make a few extra dollars in today’s economy. The internet offers unlimited opportunities with a good price point to get started. They believe their industry experience can help their clients find the right opportunity and provide them with the education, tools and services to be successful.

Leslie Lafferty: CEO & Founder of A.L.J. Marketing, Leslie strives to deliver the best of the best when it comes to business building Products, Events and Services.

Sarah Harris

Sarah spent the first ten years of her career as a High School Art Teacher in New York, Guam and Florida. She then founded New World Scribes, a graphic & web design company which gave her the ability to work at home.

Initially, New World Scribes worked with offline local clients and eventually expanded to online clients. In 2012, Sarah started working with One Team, LLC focusing on graphic and web design.  In 2013, she helped launch the One Team, LLC Solo Ad company, Later that same year she became a partner in One Team, LLC.

Today Sarah splits her time between running her NWS Graphic & Web Design Business and managing much of daily operations of One Team, LLC. She also plays a vital role in our new product development and introducing new technologies to our business. Sarah really enjoys the freedom of working from home and helping our internet marketer clients grow their online businesses.

Product Description

Some people spend months, even years before they make their first sales online. Many people never even make a sale. MOBE is a great program that will get you making sales. But … maybe it’s not happeningquick enough! Maybe you might want a little help.

We have the skills and expertise to FAST START your progress with MOBE. Our Fast Start program will set up a Custom Front End Sales Funnel for your MOBE Business in under 10 days. That’s right … While you’re going through your MOBE 21 step program, and working with your business coach, we will be setting up a custom front end MOBE sales funnel for you.  

In less than two weeks, you will have a custom sales funnel ready to receive traffic, giving you a Fast Start Advantage over others in the MOBE program. In fact, by having your custom sales funnel for MOBE in place, you will ensure that all the leads you paid for will be going into your list, not someone else’s list.

Why Do You Need A Custom Sales Funnel for MOBE?

There are many different reasons that a custom sales funnel is a must have. First of all, you want your potential customers’ initial eyeballs onyour own capture page to be unique. So they opt in and not click the X to leave the same standard MOBE lead capture page they have already seen 50 times.

You want a lead capture page that converts at 35-45% or higher, not 12-22% like some of the system pages do. In fact many lead providersdo not run traffic to standard affiliate system lead capture pages. We can even recommend where you can get high-quality internet traffic, helping you get targeted leads and potential sales into your funnel if you need help.

When collecting leads it is imperative you are sending the leads to your own auto-responder. Why would want to send your paid traffic to someone else’s list? You don’t! Your new subscribers need a fresh, creative and proven follow-up series to help market the MOBE front end offers.

A good funnel will also help market the back end offers once the subscriber has been converted into a buyer. Experienced funnel builders use additional tools and techniques to help increase deliverability and conversions.

Building an automated sales funnel that can market affiliate products properly, requires a certain amount of experience if you want your funnel have the flexibility to handle multiple products. This gives you the ability to use the same funnel or replicate it for the next product that needs to be marketed. That same well organized structure can handle additions to the funnel like lead magnets and trip wire without a extensive changes.

What Do You Get With The Fast Start Program for MOBE?

  • Custom URL Set Up For You
  • Either purchase a new URL or use an existing one, we will take care of all of the setup for you.
  • WordPress Installed and Configured
  • Send us all of the info for your domain and hosting and we will install WordPress and all the necessary plugins on there for you.
  • Custom Lead Capture Page Created
  • We will create a fully functional CUSTOM MOBE Page for you, completely tied into your autoresponder account, with an exit pop.
  • Autoresponder Set-Up For A MOBE List Tied To Your New Custom Lead Capture Page and a 2nd list to market the higher end products.
  • Twenty Autoresponder Follow-Up Messages, marketing the $49 product. (preloaded and configured–Aweber or GetResponse only)
  • Works With Has Offers
  • Fast Start for MOBE Custom Front End Funnel is integrated with many of the features found in the MOBE Has Offers back office.
  • 3 Additional Squeeze Pages Installed
  • An exit pop squeeze page, a page mirroring the system squeeze page and a page to move your buyers to the next level of marketing within your autoresponder.
  • 16 Additional Follow-Up Messages
  • Sixteen Autoresponder Follow-Up Messages, marketing the higher end products. (preloaded and configured–Aweber or GetResponse only)
  • Free BASIC Click Tracking within the squeeze pages, as we all know it is really important to track your results!
  • Fast Start Training Videos
  • Learn how to make additional capture pages, set-up and edit your messages and change your links and how to use your tracking account.
  • Earn Affiliate Commissions
  • Opportunity To Earn Affiliate Commissions If You Market Our Fast Start Program To Your Team MOBE Members.
  • Free New MOBE Offer Squeeze Pages – 6 months access to squeeze page updates for new MOBE offers accessible via our exclusive One Team LLC. membership site.


Sweet Bonus #1 Value $250

Coaching Call–30 minutes

30 Minute 1-on-1 Coaching Call With A 6 Figure Earner

Let’s get on a call, tell me about what you are currently doing and let me help you make a blueprint for future success!

Case Studies are shared as well as secrets to success.

Sweet Bonus #2 Value $97

Traffic and Conversions eBook

All Marketers KNOW They Need To Generate Constant & HOT Leads To Grow Their Business, Yet They Have No Clue How To Do It.

This Special Traffic Report “Traffic and Conversions, Learn How & Where To Get MORE Leads and Sales …” will focus on two areas:

  1. Lead / Sales Funnel 101
  2. Traffic Sources 101

If you understand these you will understand the key to making a profit.

Sweet Bonus #3 Value Priceless!

FREE Access To Our One Team, LLC Members Only Site

  • Fast Start Program Updates
  • Video Training
  • E-Books
  • Our Recommendation for Tools and Resources
  • Our Traffic Recommendations
  • Our Business Opportunities Recommendations
  • Invites to Private Masterminds
  • Access to NEW Squeeze Pages For MOBE Offers

What Do You Need To Do With The Fast Start Program For MOBE?

(Note: We have incredible discounts on hosting and autoresponders so wait for our links)

  • Acquire or already own a domain $12 or less
  • Acquire or already own hosting under $8 monthly
  • Acquire or already own an autoresponder FREE first month, $19 monthly after that
  • Acquire our recommended Lead Capture Page Creator Software $37 one time fee
  • Our Fast Start Program at this time only works with Aweber or GetResponse Autoresponders

Then You Can Sit Back And Focus On Your 21 Steps And Driving Traffic To Your New Custom Front End Sales Funnel For MOBE. ALL Of The “Heavy Lifting, Techie Stuff” Is DONE FOR YOU!