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Creating Connections While Helping People Succeed In Their Own Business

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Leslie Lafferty: CEO & Founder of L.J.L Global Enterprises, INC. , Leslie strives to deliver the best of the best when it comes to business building Products, Events and Services.

Product Description

NEW! “You’re About To Discover An Online Business Model That Can Easily Put $10,000 or More In Your Pocket Every Single Month”

In the next couple of minutes you’re going to learn the exact method that can allow you to build a 6 figure a year online business…

My Online Sales Machine
does Everything for you as well.

In a nutshell… you put leads into My Online Sales Machine… and sit back and collect 90% commissions on our proven converting front end products.

PLUS commissions on our back-end high ticket items.

That’s about as easy as it gets.

Now, that being said… I’m not trying to “beat the gurus” at their own game. Not at all.

I’m playing a different game entirely. The top 3% of these gurus have probably never even heard my name, and that’s fine with me. I’m happy to live in relative anonymity, especially with the kind of income I’m now making.

And, honestly, just like Leslie, and many people reading this letter right now, I started out from complete scratch, so I know how it feels to bang your head on the wall over and over wondering if anything would EVER work.

I started this journey from my bedroom as a college dropout in 2009. I spent ALL of my college money and more trying to find an online business that actually did half of what it claimed.

I was completely broke and pretty depressed to boot. I even considered moving back in with my parents. (not a pretty thought at that time…)

But late that year my very first breakthrough occurred. I actually got a sale and made my first $1000 commission.

I studied exactly HOW and WHY that sale went through, which product it was and started to see the future of this system.

I made the processes better, created new products, automated as much of it as I could… and it started to perform better and better. I soon started bringing in $3000 a week, then $5000 and then $10,000 and more.

That’s when I KNEW I had found a
winning formula, a system that WORKED… over and over again.

Now earlier, Leslie and I told you that there was a way that you could get started on this very same path to success and I’m about to share it with you now.

You deserve the exact same kind of success that we’ve been experiencing and I’m willing to give you access to the system without all the mind bending work that it took to create.

All that drudge work I keep talking about, just think of the skills that you would have to learn if you tried it on your own:

  • How to create a winning offer
  • How to write sales copy
  • How to create your own info-products
  • How to create a sales funnel
  • Setup a merchant account
  • Integrate shopping carts with your email auto-responder and payment gateway
  • Customer support
  • Refunds and chargebacks
  • Split testing new offers
  • Setting up automated webinars

I mean, consider trying to learn ALL of that at the same time and you can quickly see why people get stressed out and ultimately QUIT trying. It’s 10-12 hours a day…every day until you get it all done.

That’s why the numbers of failure are so staggering, that’s why 97% of people get in, get burned and get out.

Many of them flat broke tossing good money after bad.

It’s the Traffic Myth that we talked about earlier.

You spend money on ads. (maybe you make a little back…)

Convinced that all you need is traffic… you spend a little MORE money on ads (and maybe you make a little back…)

Still brainwashed by guruspeak… you spend even MORE money on ads… and it still doesn’t work.

Now you have no money and nothing much to show for it.

The truth is… you can buy all the Traffic you want… but you can’t buy SALES. That’s the myth.

And that myth is everywhere.

If you believe it, you will fail.

You’ll have to go back to your day job.

You’ll have to slink back to all those people who told you it was never going to work… and admit they were right.

Unless of course, you find the right way… and that’s why you’re here.

My Online Sales Machine is a breakthrough in the way people work and earn an income online. That’s why I put it all on the line to prove it works, and why Leslie is partnering with me to make even more.

OPB is a game changer.

We provide the proven sales winners, the products that we KNOW convert… and all you have to focus on is the Traffic.

Myth Busted. We’re handing you all of this:

  • High-converting products
  • Proven sales copy (emails, sales letters, etc)
  • Split testing and tweaking
  • Top-notch webinars and videos that will sell your leads
  • Stellar registration and squeeze pages
  • One of the best (but not pushiest) sales floors in the business
  • Award-winning customer service
  • Product fulfilment
  • Payment processing
  • Refunds and chargebacks handled

Think for a minute what will happen to you when you have the real tools in your hands to create the income you’ve been working toward all these years.

Real money, in your bank account that will let you:

  • Quit your job
  • Take you and your family on a much needed vacation
  • Get out of debt
  • Put money down on a house (or a second home)
  • Buy a boat or a RV
  • Buy nice things for your wife or significant other
  • Go out to dinner more often
  • Buy the best cuts of meat at the grocery store
  • Enjoy the finer things in life

Leslie and I are already doing that together, and we want you to jump in with both feet. So how do you get on the “inside” and learn the ropes?


We’ve put together something really special for you.