Titanium Mastermind

Creating Connections While Helping People Succeed In Their Own Business

The Ultimate Business Building Event: Learn the 3 “Pillars” Of Traffic, Conversion, & Leverage & How To Use Them To Exponentially Grow Your Business

The Titanium Mastermind is one of the world’s premiere business-building events, held several times a year at tropical locations like the Bahamas and Cabo San Lucas. At Titanium, you will learn the 3 “pillars” of Traffic, Conversion, and Leverage from some of the most brilliant marketing minds on the planet, and network with them and other business leaders and entrepreneurs.

The Titanium Mastermind: A 3-Day & 4-Night
Business Building Retreat in Paradise

The Titanium Mastermind is an all-expenses paid 3-day, 4-night event with all lodging, food, and entertainment paid for you and a guest. There are two main components to Titanium … training and networking. The training portion will focus on the 3 Pillars of Business Building–Traffic, Conversion, and Leverage. Each “pillar” will improve your marketing by leaps and bounds, and the 3rd pillar (Leverage) ties directly to both marketing AND networking.



Pillar 1—Traffic: The Lifeblood of Your Business

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. Topics covered will fall into one of three main categories:

Free Traffic
  1. Which “free traffic” sources that are worth your time, and which you should avoid like the Plague
  2. How to leverage the power of YouTube to get free traffic on auto-pilot
  3. How to use blog advertising to generate free traffic at will, even if you don’t have a blog of your own
Paid Traffic
  1. The best (and most cost-effective) paid traffic sources that are working right NOW
  2. The right way to setup PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns through online behemoths like Facebook and Google to bring in 1,000s of new leads
  3. Why “solo ads” are the Number #1 traffic source for online marketers, and how to work with providers and ensure you get a fair rate
  4. What’s changed in the world of banner ad advertising, and how to use those changes to your advantage to bring in massive amounts of leads
Offline & Advanced Traffic Methods
  1. Why direct mail is NOT dead, and how to use low-cost postcards and letters to drive prospects online and turn them into rabid buyers
  2. How to use other offline strategies, like radio, to take your business to the next level
  3. Advanced online traffic methods like PPV (Pay Per View) and Native Advertising that are so cutting-edge that anything written here will be outdated by the next Titanium event (you’ll just have to attend!)

Pillar 2–Conversion: The Key To Being Profitable


The conversion training at Titanium will fall into one of two main categories:

The Fundamentals of Conversion

  1. The simple formula that tells you the “maximum amount” you can pay for a visitor to your site (this is the most important metric you’re probably not using)
  2. Why traffic is worthless without conversions, and why conversions are worthless without “economics”

Maximizing Conversion

  1. The key elements needed in any sales letter, video, webinar, or presentation that are necessary to “make the sale” (if you miss even one of these elements, your offer is doomed)
  2. The components of a million-dollar sales funnel, and how to “ascend” buyers from low price points to high-ticket offers
  3. The importance of split-testing, squeeze pages, 1-click upsells, exit pops, and other advanced online marketing tactics

Pillar 3—Leverage: How To Work Less & Make More Money

  1. How to outsource daily tasks like web design, development, accounting, customer service, etc, so you can focus on high-level tasks like improving your marketing
  2. How to get top-notch talent for $6 a day, and build a virtual team that runs your business for you 24/7
  3. How to leverage “systems” like automated sales funnels to scale your business from 5-figures to 6-figures and beyond
  4. How to leverage individual PEOPLE (like the business leaders you’ll be meeting at Titanium) to setup profitable partnerships, learn trade “secrets,” and make insider deals

Note: Keep in mind that event content is subject to change.  It’s not uncommon for a speaker to discover an amazing technique in the weeks before a retreat and put that ahead of their previously planned content.



As a Titanium Member, You Get 3 More “Pillars of Business-Building” Events (For Free!)

Note: Each bonus event is a separate, full 3-day event. The event portion of these 3 bonus events is FREE when you join Titanium (but you are responsible for lodging and expenses.)

  • “Traffic Mastery” 3-Day Event
  • “Conversion 2.0” 3-Day Event
  •  “Advanced Leveraging” 3-Day Event
Here’s Exactly What You Get When You Join Titanium

#1 Titanium Mastermind Business-Building Event

This is the main Titanium Mastermind event, where you will learn business-building secrets from some of the most brilliant marketing minds on the planet at a luxury resort in a tropical location.

This is an all-expenses paid 3-day, 4-night event with all lodging, food, and entertainment paid for you and a guest.

Note: There are multiple Titanium Masterminds each year, both on the U.S. side of the world and on the Australian side. You can choose whichever event is easier for you to travel to.

#2 Three “Pillars of Business Building” Bonus Events

In addition to the main Titanium Mastermind you will also get 3 additional “Pillars of Business Building” bonus events where we go into greater depth on the topics of Traffic, Conversion, and Leverage.

Each bonus event is a separate, full 3-day event. The event portion of these 3 bonus events is FREE when you join Titanium (but you are responsible for lodging and expenses.)

#3 Five Titanium 1-on-1 Private Consulting Sessions

You’ll get 5 private consulting sessions with one of my Top Tier Coaches. All of my coaches are bonafide internet marketing experts who can answer any question you have. In these sessions, you can go over your specific situation and learn how to skyrocket your success in MOBE.


BONUS: A Free Month In The Titanium “Inner Circle”

When you join Titanium, you also get a FREE MONTH in the Titanium Inner Circle.

The Titanium Inner Circle is a $199/mo membership program that includes Done For You services and extra, up-to-the-minute training on powerful business-building strategies.

The Titanium Inner Circle includes the MOBE License Rights Inner Circle content:

  1. Done-For-You Emails: You’ll never get stuck writing emails to your list again! With this service, MOBE’s professional copywriters will write emails for you so all you have to do is copy, paste, and send. This normally sells for $97/mo separately (you can read the sales letter here,) but it’s included for free as part of your Inner Circle membership.
  2. MOBE Elite Earners: If you’ve ever wondered what the highest paid affiliates in MOBE do differently, now you’ll know. Every week, one of our Top Affiliates will host a private webinar where they will share their best-kept secrets for driving traffic and increasing conversions. This service sells for $97/mo separately (you can read the sales letter here, but it’s included free as part of your membership). Note: All webinars are archived for you to watch at any time.
  3. The Vault: You’ll get access to recordings of some of the best marketing interviews we’ve ever done with titans of our industry.
  4. The MLR Inner Circle Newsletter: This monthly 20+ page document will be delivered in both digital and physical format. Inside you’ll learn cutting-edge marketing “tips and tricks” that you can implement in your business immediately.
  5. “Done For You” Articles: Have you ever sat at your computer, staring at an empty Word file, trying to come up with something to write for an article or blog post? Well, you’ll never have to waste hours writing articles again. With my “Done For You” Articles service, you’ll get 2 new, fresh articles a week that you can use as if they were your own.
  6. Titanium Inner Circle Newsletter: This is a physical printed newsletter that arrives in your mailbox every month (you also get a digital version). Your Titanium Inner Circle Newsletter is jam-packed with valuable “next-level” marketing strategies. Your newsletter will include exclusive “hot off the presses” content that 99.9% of online marketers NEVER get to see. This up-to-the-minute information is on the bleeding-edge and will allow you take your business to the NEXT LEVEL.

You get everything above for FREE for the first month when you join Titanium, then it’s $199/mo after that.





Titanium Inner Circle free for the first month and $199/month thereafter. (Cancel Anytime)

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