Diamond Mastermind

Creating Connections While Helping People Succeed In Their Own Business

How to get a Million Dollar Sales Funnel created while taking a 10 day vacation at one of the most luxurious resorts on the planet …

Over the course of 10 days, my expert team and I will create with you your main offer, put together all the marketing, create your high ticket back end offer, setup your traffic strategy, and launch your new funnel. We will model your funnel after proven MOBE sales funnels that we’ve perfected over the years with constant testing and tweaking.

Here’s How Diamond Will Be Laid Out …



Day 1: The Anatomy Of A Million Dollar Sales Funnel

On Day 1, we will show you what a Million Dollar Sales Funnel looks like from beginning to end. Then we will work on your customer “avatar” and start laying out the basic structure for YOUR funnel right then and there. (An “avatar” is a profile of your ideal customer–where they live, what they look like, how old they are, etc.)

Days 2 & 3: “Done With You” Core Offer

Your core offer is the main offer (or product) that you’ll be selling. On Days 2 and 3, we’ll create this offer for you. At MOBE, we know exactly what components go into a winning offer, and we’ll make sure that yours is virtually guaranteed to sell. (This is the most important “piece” of your sales funnel, so we’re dedicating TWO full days to it.)

Day 4: “Done With You” Sales Video

Video is the most powerful sales tool on the planet. Period. When you’re marketing online, video is the best way to get leads to pull out their pocketbooks and become buyers. On Day 4, we will record your sales video with you right there at Diamond. You’ll walk away with a professional sales video recorded and produced by my expert video team. (Don’t worry if you’ve never made a sales video before… we’ll walk you through the entire process step-by-step.)

Day 5: “Done With You” Promotional Email Sequence

There’s a saying in the direct response world that, “The money is in the follow up.” And it’s true. Those who follow up with their leads, make the most money. The problem is it that it takes time and effort to do your own follow up. Until now. On Day 5, we will help you write your follow up emails and build an automated email sequence that magically sends them out to your leads and buyers without you having to do anything.

Day 6: A Full Day “Off” For Activities

On Day 6 (right in the middle of Diamond) we’ll take a break and get off the resort for some adventure. The list of activities includes racing super cars on a private track, cave diving off the Yucatan peninsula, and a few others that will be revealed at the mastermind.

Day 7: “Done With You” High Ticket Offer

I’ve built the success of MOBE around high ticket offers. Having a strong high ticket offer will increase the overall revenue from your sales funnel by as much as 300% or more. The problem is that most marketers have no idea how to create one. Well, at Diamond we’ve solved that problem. Together we’ll help you map out what your high ticket offer will be, what price point to charge, how to make sure fulfillment is as ‘hassle free’ as possible–and make sure your clients get incredible value.

Day 8: “Done With You” Automated Webinar Funnel

Automated webinars are the most effective way of selling high ticket offers on the back end. The problem is that traditional webinars can be time-consuming … unless they are “automated.” We’ll help you create an automated webinar funnel that runs in the background 24/7 bringing in high ticket sales on auto-pilot. This is like having a team of sales people working for you around the clock.

Day 9: “Done With You” Traffic Plan

You can’t have sales without traffic. But figuring out how to get it can be challenging. On Day 9, we will build your traffic plan for you. We’ll reveal what is working best for MOBE right now and show you what traffic sources bring in the best leads. At the end of Day 9, you’ll be ready to “flip the switch” and bring in a flood of quality traffic to your new sales funnel.

Day 10: Launch Day

This is the BIG day … Launch Day. Diamond is all about IMPLEMENTATION, and what better way to “get things done” that to launch your new funnel at the mastermind. In 10 days, you will accomplish something that over 99% of people in this industry never do–promoting your own well-engineered sales funnel. If you’re a procrastinator, or have a habit of jumping around from project to project, then this will be one of the biggest breakthroughs of your life. In short … you will walk away from Diamond with a sales funnel that could bring you $1 million (or more.)






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