The 3 Online Business Models to Choose From

Hey hi my friends, have you been struggling to decide which business model to start your online business?
I am going to walk you through the 3 business models online that I’ve personally use, so you can have an overview of which model will work best for you.

The first and most common model is affiliate marketing.

In this model, you promote other people’s product. All the marketing materials, and follow up, are done for you. Your only role is simply to drive traffic.

The benefits of this model, is you can literally get started making money quick, because you only focus on driving traffic.This is the model most people use, and unfortunately, failing badly because of one main problem.

The back end commission always goes to the product owner. So the affiliates will take the risk generating customers for the product owner,while the product owner will get to keep all the back end profits for himself, without spending a single cent.

I’ve started with this model and stayed with it for a few months, and I really found it difficult to break even my advertising cost and to scale up in my traffic.

So, I decided to try the 2nd model.

Creating my own products.

In this model, you can keep 100% of all the money you make.

There are a few problems with this business model though.

You’ll need to learn 1000 different things at the same time, your products need to have actual value that can help other people solve a problem,and you need to be able to give your own perspective rather than recycling information that everyone is saying out there.

So if you don’t have the value that people are willing to pay a few thousand dollars for, then chances are, you don’t have a business. Moreover, you need to be an experience marketer to create a sales process that actually converts traffic to sales.

I tried this model for some time, working really reallyreally hard, and getting nowhere.

That got me frustrated, and I decided to try the 3rd model.

Licensing other people’s product.

This model is like buying a franchise license from proven system like McDonalds and Starbucks.

It combines the benefits of affiliate marketing and product creation, while effectively eliminating the problem that comes with it.

You can approach a business owner to license a proven sales funnel.

That will generally cost you $5,000 or above for a few good products, but if you’re going to make a 6 figure income getting high ticket commissions, then the return on investment will still be really good.

After leveraging on this model, I had a huge breakthrough in my business, because I can finally focus on just generating traffic, and let the proven sales process convert all that traffic into sales.

Now, I work far less than I used to, making far more than I did in the past. This is the model I recommend you to get started with, if you want results fast.

I hope this gives you an idea of how I got results fast, and this video is able to help you avoid some of the huge mistakes I’ve made in the past.
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