Are You New to Internet Marketing?

So is Leon… See his question!

“As a new ml.mer who wants to get started fast. Based on your experience, what should I look out for? This is the very first time I’m doing blogging, my mind
completely empty. Do not know where to start?”

Fantastic question my friend!

The first thing that you should do even before you start getting your business off to a fast start is to plan for your success.

What level of success do you see for yourself? Six months from now how do you realistically envision your business? How does that make you feel?

This is where you should begin.

Does the prospect of having hundreds of people joining your business excite you? What exactly does that feeling feel like?

Close your eyes envision this, as well as what it will feel like to be at that state and hold on to that as tightly as you can.

Envision this everyday and magnetically you’ll start to act towards that goal.

Now the next thing you need to do is plan for your success. What’s it going to take to get you to your chosen end?

Ask the question specific to the issue.

To do this you need to have a clear view of the conversion figures for your business.

So in other words . . .

how much traffic is it going to take you to get a lead? How many leads is it going to take you to get a sign up?

How many sign ups is it going to take you to get to your chosen goal?

Once you have these questions answered clearly you then need to ask the questions specific to your advertising efforts.

What type of advertising are you going to have to do? How much money will you be devoting to your business?

How much time?

If you have more time than money then you have to ask yourself what sort of low cost and FREE advertising are you going to be doing.

And then temper your expectations to this plan.

It’s going to take you longer to grow your business without money or leverage than it is with these resources so you are going to have to augment your plan to account for these details.

You will have to give yourself the time to see your ends come true . . .
If you are going to do FREE advertising I suggest you start out with high volume article marketing and forum marketing leaving your budget for things
like PPC ads and newsletter advertising.

Now let’s talk about blogging.

Network marketing online is about targeted traffic generation AND relationship building. Blogging falls into the second category.

You will not be doing blogging for initial traffic generation it will be done for your relationship building efforts.

So it’s something you use AFTER you generate a lead.

You send them to your blog to learn more about you as a person, so on your blog you should discuss what excites you about your business.

Post pictures of you and your family so that your leads can see and get to know you.

This will begin your online relationship building efforts.

Getting off to a fast start begins with planning and goal development.

Then the rest naturally flows from this process.

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